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Parish Nurses

Christ Ev. Lutheran Church

Caring Ministry (Parish Nursing) Mission Statement

"We will convey the love of Jesus to all ages as we minister to the needs of the individual, the family, the congregation and the community by promoting wellness of body, mind and spirit. "

Although Caring Ministry (Parish Nursing) is relatively new, various WELS congregations have active parish nursing practices which are vibrant and successful.

In 2008, Christ Lutheran Church began a parish nurse ministry of volunteers to serve our
congregation and community.

How Can You Find a Parish Nurse?

One of the Parish Nurses will be on hand every week between services to answer questions and offer health assistance. Usually we will be up in the Old Church, with the exception of donut Sunday, where we may move to a different location. Other days of the week, you can contact Patti Missall (Caring Ministries Coordination) for information.

Check Your Blood Pressure Regularly!

The Parish Nurses will hold a Blood Pressure Clinic in the Old Church
on the LAST SUNDAY of every month between services!

Its FREE, and it only takes a few minutes!

Invite all your friends and family in the community to participate every month.

Your body is a loan from God, and it is your responsibility to take care of it the best that you can so you can continue to serve Him!

“Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own”
1 Corinthians 6:19


How do Parish Nurses Help Congregations?

• Parish Nurses provide a positive ministry in the congregation and school, and serve members in a variety of ways.
• Parish Nurses offer health- related assistance to members, and they assist their pastors by serving as health advisors.
• Parish Nursing is an arm of the congregation's ministry concentrating on the specific needs that relate to the physical, emotional and spiritual health of its members. It can be a positive ministry in congregations and provides information, education, organization, visitation, and other non-invasive measures.

Roles of the Parish Nurse:

• Integrator of Faith and Health - Works to improve health of body, mind, spirit, community and creation.
• Health Educator - Provides opportunities to learn about health issues.
• Health Counselor - Discusses health concerns, emphasizing early response to problems and encouraging healthy lifestyles.
• Referral Advisor - Provides referral to healthcare and social services.
• Health Advocate - Speaks out to help others obtain needed health services.
• Developer of Support Groups - Facilitates support groups for the community.
• Volunteer Coordinator - Coordinates volunteers who help those in need.

What about Confidentiality?

All our Parish Nurse activities will be coordinated by Registered Nurses with active licenses to practice in the State of Wisconsin. Our Parish Nurses and volunteers will be bound by strict legal and ethical principles held by the Wisconsin Nurse Practice Act and WELS Doctrine. All information obtained during our ministries will be kept confidential, as dictated by law.

Who are the Parish Nurses?

Our Parish Nurse Council consists of:

Patti Missall, RN, MSN, Nurse Practitioner & Caring Ministry Coordinator
Barb Jones, RN, MSN, Behavioral Health CNS
Jan Pfaff, RN, MSN, Geriatric CNS
Linda Worthington, Respiratory Therapist

Additional Parish Workers include:
Marilyn Hall, RN, Janet Harder, LPN, Shelly Adrian, Student Nurse, Caroline Wieselmann, Linda Scherbarth, Cindy Braun, Bernie Carow, and more.

Join us! We welcome any members in our congregation with a health care background or interest in volunteering for our Parish Nurse Ministry to contact Pastor or Patti Missall at 262-706-3203.

Here are just a few of the Parish Nurse Projects that have been successful in other WELS congregations:

• Blood Pressure Screenings
• Blood Drives
• Vision / Hearing Screenings
• In-services and Health Education
• First Aid For Sports, Church & School
• School Health & Wellness
• Health Fairs
• Exercise Groups and Activities
• Support Groups
• New Parent Support
• Bereavement Support
• Counseling
• Shut-In and Hospital Visits
• Church/ School Newsletter Articles
• Domestic Violence Assistance
• Disaster Preparedness & Relief

We welcome any of your ideas of additional ways that the Parish Nurse Ministry can serve our congregation, school and community.