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Ministry Planning Nights
Every month the leaders of our congregation meet in order to plan and carry out ministry for the upcoming month. The leaders meet on the second Tuesday of the month at 6:30pm for their various board meetings. They join for a joint update on the ministries of the congregation at 7:30pm. At 8:00pm the Church Council meets in order to coordinate the ministries.

Church Council
Pastor Gary Pufahl
Principal Steve Janke
President: Dan Scherbarth
Vice-President: Richard Strasser
Recording Secretary: Bret Enslen
Treasurer: Jeff Kohlmetz 
Financial Secretary:  Dave Sparks
Board of Education:  Chairman, Scott Missall
Board of Elders: Chairman, Jim Carlson 
Board of Stewardship/ Evangelism: Chairman, Chris Dubis
Board of Trustees: Chairman, Aaron Kahle 

Board of Elders
The Board’s primary responsibility is to monitor the spiritual condition of the congregation. They work with the pastors to remove any obstacles that would prevent faithful worship and/ or reception of the Sacrament. Areas of ministry have been divided to worship, adult discipleship, and member care.

Jim Carlson, Chairman (Member of the Church Council)
Tom Kopitzke
Andy Meinecke
Ron Reinke
Mark Singer

Board of Education
The purpose of this Board is to oversee the operations of our Christian education programs and parochial school. 

Steven Janke, Principal
Scott Missall, Chairman (Member of the Church Council)
Rory Blum
Justin Grunze
Paul Tatro
Jon Zarnstorff

Board of Stewardship & Evangelism
This Board has the responsibility to encourage congregational members to faithfullyuse the gifts and talents with which our Lord has blessed them. This board promotes fellowship opportunities within our congregation, as well as efforts to reach out to others in our community to share our faith. 

Chris Dubis, Chairman (Member of the Church Council)
Dale Anderson
Charlie George
Mark Schlottke
Rod Bonnett

Board of Trustees
The Board of Trustees is responsible for maintenance of the church, school and three residences.  They oversee the upkeep and improvements of our facilities. 

Aaron Kahle, Chairman (Member of the Church Council)
Gary Gullickson
Randy Hotz
Mitch Kohlmetz
John Stroh

Board of Finance
The Board of Finance oversees the financial affairs of the congregation.  It ensures that commitments are met, bills and salaries are paid.  This committee is comprised of the President, Treasurer, and Financial Secretary.

Dan Scherbarth, President (Member of the Church Council)
Jeff Kohlmetz, Treasurer (Member of the Church Council)
Dave Sparks, Financial Secretary (Member of the Church Council)

Board of Gift Trust Fund
This board handles bequests that are willed to the congregation.  This fund maintains a minimum principle balance, and interest is used to benefit the church. This is board is accountable to the Board of Finance.

Congregational Open Forums
Every quarter we offer an open forum for the entire congregation. These open forums take place on a designated Sunday morning. The purpose of these open forums are to communicate the ministries of the congregation for the subsequent 3 months and to solicit input and feedback from the congregation regarding the ministry plans.

Voter's Assembly
Every quarter our congregation holds a voters meeting where the voting members of the congregation approve future ministry plans.

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